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SpaceX ले पुन: प्रयोग गर्नसकिने रकेट बनाएर संसार लाई चकीत बनायो: गुरु एलोन मस्कको सफलताको लागि बधाई !!

Think of it as the difference between continually buying stacks of batteries versus investing in a set of rechargeable.

SpaceX’s orbital-class Falcon 9 blasted off, then returned to Earth on Monday evening, signaling a new era in which reusable rockets could make sending probes and people into space a bit more affordable.

“Welcome back, baby!” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted after the touchdown.

It’s a feat that was like “launching a pencil over the Empire State building, having it reverse, come back down, and land on a shoebox on the ground—in a windstorm,” Tim Urban said during a live telecast of the launch and landing, which took place six miles from one another near Cape Canaveral, Fla.

SpaceX had tried at least twice before, and now finally succeeded in bringing a section of the 23-story tall Falcon 9 rocket back to the landing pad.

The accomplishment could signal an era where spaceflight might be just a smidge more affordable. Normally, expensive rockets are discarded or destroyed during re-entry, meaning the same parts need to be built from scratch for each launch. Reusable rockets could save companies hundreds of millions of dollars in launch costs.


  सायद कुनै पनि बिज्ञले यो भन्दा बढी सफलताको आश नगर्लान – गुरु एलोन मस्कको सफलताको लागि बधाई !!

SpaceX releases close-up photos of Falcon 9’s successful launch and landing

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