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A budget for an ambitious and forward-looking Canada : Justin Trudeau

In Budget 2017, we move ahead with confidence, driven by innovation, readying ourselves to meet the demands of rapid technological change in an increasingly interconnected world. Budget 2017 carries the optimism and ambition of Canadians who have helped create the Canada of today, and it will shape the Canada of tomorrow.

Here are eight ways Budget 2017 puts Canadians first, and helps them get ahead of the curve:

1. It positions Canada as a leader in the global economy.

Budget 2017 introduces the Innovation and Skills Plan – an ambitious agenda to make Canada a centre of innovation, create well-paying, middle class jobs, and help more Canadians adapt to the changing economy. This Plan will especially support key sectors such as advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, health and biosciences, and clean resources.

2. It retrains Canadians for the jobs of today – and tomorrow.

Budget 2017 boosts federal support to provinces and territories so unemployed and underemployed Canadians have more opportunities to pursue training, upgrade their credentials, or get help to start their own business. For example, Canadians on EI will now be able to get the training they need without fear of losing the critical benefits they depend on to support themselves and their families.

3. It fosters a culture of lifelong learning.

Budget 2017 sets the foundation for a culture of lifelong learning – one that will equip Canadians with the skills they need to be competitive in the workforce, both now and in the future. The cost of schooling and the financial pressures of daily life prevent too many Canadians from returning to class. That’s why, in Budget 2017, we’re expanding Canada Student Grants and access to interest-free student loans to adults, so more Canadians can get the education they need.

4. It creates up to 10,000 new work-integrated learning and co-op opportunities per year.

Everywhere I go, young people tell me they can’t get a job because they don’t have any work experience, and can’t get any work experience because they don’t have a job. It’s a vicious cycle and one our Government is working to help break. Budget 2017 introduces an ambitious plan to support up to 10,000 new work-integrated learning and co-op opportunities per year. This means more young Canadians will be able to get the skills and experiences they need to start a well-paying career after they graduate.

5. It teaches Canadian kids to code.

It is vital that Canadian children – from kindergarten through Grade 12 – have access to education that prepares them for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Budget 2017 invests in organizations that teach girls and boys digital skills and coding, which means more young Canadians will be ready for a workforce that is inherently tech-savvy.

6. It creates a one-stop-shop for Canada’s innovators.

Governments have an important role to play in fostering innovation. But the existing set of programs in Canada number in the dozens, and they’re spread across government, making it difficult for Canadian innovators to find what they need, when they need it. Budget 2017 proposes to establish Innovation Canada, a new office that will make it easier for Canadian innovators to access and benefit from Government-led programs.

7. It gives entrepreneurs and innovators more support.

Budget 2017 proposes to create a new Strategic Innovation Fund, which will consolidate and boost funds for entrepreneurs and innovators. This streamlined Fund will better respond to business needs and, while it will continue to serve aerospace and automotive firms, it will also support dynamic and emerging sectors, such as clean technology and agri-food. The bottom line: more money for Canadians to turn their ideas into thriving businesses, and create middle class jobs across the country.

8. It continues to invest in middle class Canadians.

Budget 2017 continues the Government’s ambitious plan to make smart and responsible investments to strengthen the middle class, create well-paying jobs, and grow the economy. Since December 2015, Canada’s unemployment rate has dropped from 7.1 per cent to 6.6 per cent. In the last seven months alone, the Canadian economy has created a quarter of a million new jobs. We’re on track to have the second-fastest growing economy in the G7 this year and next. Needless to say, our plan is working.

We will continue to make investments that ensure Canadians have the opportunities they need to succeed. And we will do so in a manner that is realistic, sustainable, responsible, and transparent – all while maintaining our low debt-to-GDP ratio. Canada’s future success and global competitiveness depends on it.

Published on linkedin on March 22, 2017 Featured in: Law & Government, Technology