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Best project that can deliver value every where!

Most viable strategies in business is worked with direct customer:

The most viable strategies and solutions is worked with your direct customer if possible. If not you need a interface that represents your customers. Now a days almost 100% of Innovative invention has failed where the innovators are dealing with middle man working in between for money. As innovation has two mandatory part, invention (i.e. value add) and clear picture how that invention will be convert into invoice. You must have clear picture what is the real need. I can share here one example. About 88 percent of my customer demanding innovative ingredients I dealt with two year ago found have no idea what they are looking for. They have clue though. When we offer them samples, they told us yes or no with why over why explanation. That gave very significant technological requirements from not technological savvy clients.

What is custom need of the formula ingredients for the clients when these products goes into and what are the parameters dictates by adopted processing procedure the client going to incorporate dictates for go or no no situations in innovation. This is little R&D work, however, if you are in OECD countries, most of the cost will refund back (back up by some sorts of government support – when your applied experimental works falls in to a spiral loop – making sure such incremental cost will not burden to your company). We do not care what value add is possible. We care if your customer is willing to pay for that value add you are offering. Apparently, it looks possible to deliver what our customers wants (as practically they are based on changing customer behaviors – and change behaviors always associated with very simple reason – seeking best of best).

As food business is no more rocket science, however, is it what is really affordable and converted into invoices so that it can be sustainable is key. Only project that can deliver value with eliminated non-value added part will be thus the ultimate winner. My gut feeling says how the ingredients would deliver desired value is only key question to the disruptive innovators these day. Others are just add on with readily available solutions. Like mode of delivery – spray or aerosol (tobacco less tobacco spices), liquid or power or emulsion or encapsulated form etc and how will it be presented, is it customer friendly one, are the invention part and is of of lower priority in conceptual stage. Because for the innovator those solution can be get from other area too and is available from the market. Yes it in most occasions is in your finger tip – can review using google search.

Make sure you are with Wright Brothers Path:

For any innovative business, a winning internal practices, principles, and/or standards look like for CPG company to be best-in-class CPG Company or in simple world the customer of choice, probably the better way is to relate with criteria of Baldrige Award to be judged by an independent board of examiners. In my little brain, this definitely provide a sense of landscape including opportunities in retail channels (e.g., online, grocery, drug, and club) and in food service. I would like to customize the same seven areas on achievement and improvement, known as the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence:

a.Leadership: It deals with how upper management leads the organization, and how the organization leads within the community: Is leadership is visionary. Are they make decision based on what they saw in market and let me too concept or driven by customer need created by changing end customer demands. Do they create a system that could adequately capture customer focus method of achieving excellence based on body of knowledge / capabilities? Customer mean both internal and external customer. In area of our discussion, none of the existing regulatory measure are sufficient (CFIA/FDA/EU) to meet the public expectations as there are non-value added layer and grey area. This is best opportunity for innovator to come out with clean picture of product offerings with intermediate level of disclosure or transparency. I am talking here intermediate level as current legislation in place practically asks noting to disclose to end customers. Our business run by credibility not by complying with law. Thus we top management work far beyond the expectation of existing regulatory guidelines as volunteer disclosure. A man will be man by law if he is missing any his ability or body part (or both) provided he is alive. Unfortunately, for working in 8 hour shift to pick a stone physically/manually by hand to a truck, we need a reasonable person fit for that work (unless we are atomized). In this sectors, our think tank is trying to satisfy the law but customer is looking a reasonable man. A best wow opportunity for a motivated but aggressive investors. When come back to reality, bottom line is leadership must have ability to work in cross functional team with a culture that adopts an expectations exceeds legal definition just call a product as a product while bringing intermediate line between legal expectations and customers’ expectations.

b.Strategy: It seeks answer on how the organization establishes and plans to implement strategic directions. Your Idea in brain did not give you results unless you deliver it through right tools and mechanisms. As we are protected by intellectual property protection for trade secrets and know-how. In trade secret, virtually anything is secret. Commercial and financial information may also qualify as a trade secret. Customer lists, customer buying preferences and requirements, the identity of customer decision-makers, pricing information, marketing and business plans, internal cost structure, supplier arrangements, and other similar non-public information can be protected. Even ‘negative’ information may receive protection as a trade secret. For example, ‘negative’ information has value to a competitor for competitive advantage. Thus, winning strategy must be fair to customer and society. We must focus on how we can maintain loss to society as minimal as we can.

c.Customers: Here evaluation is done on how the organization builds and maintains strong, lasting relationships with customers. Our customer is so vulnerable they do not know what they want. As explained by KANO, the popular definition of customer driven focus popular in our working territory need several correction in our sectors. You have to understand today customer desire while keeping in mind the customer will change their mind very quickly based on their market place offering. The best fun part to work in this sectors is same customer for same project with same anticipated performance delivery showed up in front of your desk with complete different expressed need, real need, anticipated characteristics and delighters. This is one of the best opportunity till date available in world while translating invention to innovation. In this field, you can only retain your customer if you give them sense how you care them and give them a sense that you have well understood, you will succeed if they succeeded. This is not a field you can jump today and deliver breakthrough tomorrow keeping think tank with you. It is area your every small incremental progress counts and helps you to generate you adequate revenue, that in long run, in collectively, (relatively very rapidly than other sectors though – I mean less than 5 years), will deliver breakthrough.

d.Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management: Here we look on how the organization uses data to support key processes and manage performance. I did my graduation in food science and technology. Afterwards did post-graduation in pharmaceutical science. In between and while spending 23 years in innovative food science sectors, did several training from HACCP, Writing different standards and manuals, ASQ Quality Engineering certifications, Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean six sigma master black belt, certified food scientist (CFS), Certified Flavorist (BSF), Mind Mapping Practitioners, Pharmaceutical Quality Analyst Certifications etc. More than dozen of international professional certifications, work experience and academic study ended nowhere because bottom line is common sense over none sense. This world is full of expert with no sense in their brain why they are expert and doing their job as expert. In innovation sectors we are so vulnerable that we do not have enough data. Unless you have enough data you cannot do positive test that they will pass the test of normality to make decision based on statistical tool till date available to us. You are not supposed to infer a prediction based on sets of predictions. Thus we need a knowledgement system in place that do not answer your questions but tests if your question is right. If your question is right, will it in complement with law of physics. Once it is yes, now uncertainty in chemistry is our strength as during uncertainty anything could possible. That is why we are being offered any thing what world need and want. We know the potential is unlimited though. Ability of food scientist and flavorist to show world (it is now possible) to grow meat and leather, we no more need animal killing. Very soon world will realized, meat will not necessary come from animal. This sectors not only we are looking to deliver innovation but adopt innovative system that eliminates the presence of non-value added junks. A system that measures the outcome as “go or no go” based on verifications from international customer, validation from external customers, while incorporating evaluation system for any change request dictated by changing end customer need received from your customer as best opportunity for continual improvements. Bottom line is the BOK based system what we have implementing working best for us delivering better result than we have predicated.

e.Workforce: Here a deeper insight is given on how the organization empowers and involves its workforce. Large multinational company are normally focusing to be successful using services of body of knowledge (BOK) based industries that can help them to make turn their product and services customer friendly and likable. They are being bankrupt overnight by disruptive innovators when they noticed (only that night) SMEs with BOK and employee with internal highly creative attitude (IHCA) already in place with what their customers need and want since a year or more. The CPG Company without BOK base and IHCA employee will die before they born in this sectors. Other common issue like valuing employee, the commitment to employee and shareholders satisfaction, development, well being i.e. all security related including internal and external partnership type of issue is apply here too.

f.Operations: Focus is given on how the organization designs, manages and improves key processes. It resembles with normal practice. Only little addition is we need close tie between R&D and Manufacturing and Customer Interface. Adopting a well-executed approach to learning including continuous improvement and adaptation to change is obvious.

g.Results: Here we give importance on if actual outcomes has happen. Idea is how real achievements is and how organization has measured customer satisfaction, finances, human resources, supplier and partner performance, operations, governance and social responsibility, and how the organization compares to its competitors. The result, it is if really deliver must also the key of BOK industry area. Especially we are for innovation not only invention. As experienced during era of Wright Brothers, is your expert are doer (with believe and purpose in brain) or mere there as Samuel Pierpont Langley with no purpose, belief but with mission of creating flying machine with key intension in brain is to be himself rich and famous with others money. Hope it must not missing point of the consideration at the end.

The Best-in-Class Principles for Success in this stage is look to face of your experts you are assigning this job and figure out are they Wright Brothers or just Samuel Pierpont Langley.