मङ्गलबार, ०६ चैत २०७४, १३ : ३०

Who drives your Brian the driver of your daily activities?

The brain is the place where all information we received comes together.  It processes those pulses and conclusions are drawn to initiate actions. The brain does not only synthesize all the information it gets, it also connects it to beliefs, previous experiences and to expectancy. There are three angles necessary to look at: information available at sense receptors, registered at registration level and send to the brain. A realization, after all, decision is, ultimately, the brain’s monopoly.


Human body replace its cells about every two months. At receptor level, every human cell contains thousands of receptors which are build with special types peptides. When we think, every emotion creates a flurry of neuro-peptides as a representation of feelings which flows towards and gather around cell’s receptors. Repeated similar thinking contributes similar type of neuro-peptides accumulated around receptors which during cell metabolism, can heavily influence in creating resultant cells with receptor containing t neuro-peptides hat match with the surroundings. It results cells with different nature than its mother cell. When we bombard impulses through negative thinking, it helps to create cells that like to quickly register negative message and send to brain. Our brain processes the same and make decision based on information received. The same is true during positive thinking.


It is true you cannot change your gene that you have born with. But you can change the information / neuro-chemicals your brain received by changing your thought process. Based on which your brain decides and initiate the actions.

For me Cells are body. And brains are mind. What mind did is highly dependent on what it receive from the cells. Your activities are control by mind, which is influenced by message received from your body. However, your daily thought is what ultimately controlling your brain.

Thus, neither healthy mind drives a body health nor vice versa is true.  Facts are positive thinking is the stimulator of positive flurry of neuro-chemicals, the true drivers for healthy mind not necessarily healthy body. However, healthy mind will be greatly helpful to recover or maintain body health.