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Dr. Tulsi Dharel was Interviewed by Rishi Dhamala

Tulsi Dharel was born in the country of Mt. Everest in a middle class family that always leveraged him from being an initiator and activist in helping change people lives. He has been a leader, manger and advocate in last 20+ years of his successful career. Tulsi Dharel has obtained his Ph.D., in Social Marketing and holds Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Dr. Dharel is a dedicated and committed social person who carries 20+ years of experience in business development and social inclusiveness. He immigrated to Canada in 2000 with his wife and son. Beginning of his career, he has always been consistent in different endeavors, including advocacy for youth and helping entrepreneurs to succeed in their goals.

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He himself comes from family background of business and social activism, which has also helped smooth guidance people in need. In his youth, he has well represented the youth communities that were searching for recognition and acknowledgment of their contribution to the society.


He has played crucial role in bringing isolated people together and integrating them into mainstream.


Dr. Dharel holds the vast experience in teaching since 1987, nationally and internationally. His areas of interest are International Marketing, Marketing Research, and Sales & Promotion. He has published several publications and articles focusing on these areas. Besides teaching, he has quite extensive experience as a consultant, a business entrepreneur, a mentor, public speaker including keynotes, and a trainer.


Dr. Dharel has received several awards and acknowledgement of his hard work and commitment to making change. Just to name of few, major awarded “International Leo (Youth) of the Year” by Lions Clubs International, USA 1992. Mongolian government has awarded “Honorary Medal”, the highest medal for foreign citizen, for his outstanding performance supporting public enterprises in building their Marketing niche while he was working as a senior International Marketing consultant in Mongolia. To help government raise awareness of smoking, he collected three million signatures against tobacco products and its Advertisement, resulting in the declaration of a law banning smoking in public places by the Government of Nepal 1992


Currently, he is teaching at Centennial College since 2007 as a Full-Time Professor of Marketing. He had taught at George Brown College (2006-2011), Toronto, Welfare Laurier University, Waterloo (2000-2001), Mongolian National University, Mongolia (2002-2004), Tribhuvan University, Nepal (1987-1999). As a well-experienced teaching professional, he has always been able to translate teaching rhythm and its notion in mobilizing, encouraging and influencing community and people. Besides, of his teaching profession, Dr. Dharel is actively involved in helping and guiding community based local & national level Nepalese organizations by offering them his selfless support, encouragement and time.89

He is very passionate about his interest and profession. He considers himself is a very fortunate person who has been able to bring the change into the society and present himself as a role model for others. His strong commitment and enthusiasm have been great assets to him while he continues to working with people and community in need.

Tulsi Dharel