मङ्गलबार, ०६ चैत २०७४, १३ : ३०

Disruptive Innovation

नसाले Astronauts जाननसक्ने ठाममाजाने रोबोट बनाऊभनि यमआइटीलाई छ-फुट अग्लो जोडी रोबोटको नमुना दियो (मनोरम भिडियो हेर्नुस)

NASA is sending prototypes of two six-foot-tall, 290-pound humanoid robots to a pair of research groups at MIT for them to tinker around with (read: conduct advanced development and testing). The gift is pretty cool on its face, but considerably more interesting in context. Back in October, NASA administrator Charles Bolden made it clear that […]

Very friendly and relatable video about Flavor Science!

If you take a look at an ingredients list, odds are you’ll find natural and artificial flavors somewhere in there. Turns out there’s a whole science to making your pumpkin spice latte taste like pumpkin spice, or your potato chips taste like pizza.

आफ्नो शरीर लाई पनि बुज्नेकि? हेर्नुस् हाम्रो स्वस्थ शरीरमा वास्तवमा कती Bactaria हरु हुन्छन

“I do not see myself as a lone entity anymore,” Susan Perkins said at a press conference at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday morning. “I have crossed that line. I am an ecosystem.”Perkins has a handy definition for the gargantuan number of microorganisms in our bodies at a given time. “‘Microbiome’ is a […]

NASA Is Accepting Applications for Astronauts – It Can be You

If you’ve always wanted to fly into space, this could be your golden opportunity. Between December 14 and mid-February, NASA will accept open applications for its astronaut program. NASA hasn’t launched a single astronaut from U.S. soil since July 8, 2011, whenAtlantis took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and carried four Americans up […]

What happened to Mars’ atmosphere?

NASA’s bombshell announcement last month finally confirmed the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. Of course, we’ve already known for quite some time that ancient Mars was covered in water, with vast oceans and lakes not unlike those currently crowding Earth’s continents. We still want to know what happened to those vast […]

मंगलग्रहमा प्रथम मानब सहितको रकेट पठाउने काम जारी : नासाका इन्जिनियरहरु २०१८ मा परिक्षण गर्दै

Meet NASA’s Space Launch System, the Rocket That Might Send Humans to Mars : NASA engineers are on track for a test flight in 2018 Behold the Space Launch System, set to become the planet’s most powerful rocket and, maybe, the first to get humans to Mars. The first iteration “will stand 322 feet tall, […]